ERROR "Power unit: soft power control failure" on TX150 S8

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ERROR "Power unit: soft power control failure" on TX150 S8

Postby Kasazza » Tue Aug 29, 2017 14:32

Hello from Italy,

I'm bringing to the english speaking forum a thread started in the German one at the link

I'm having a problem on TX150 S8 that some other users have get on similar series servers like RX200 S7.

Ths server does not start and remain in a loop starting for a moment the fans and turns back off.
IRMC is running OK and in the IPMI SEL there's this error message every time the server tries to start :
"Power unit: soft power control failure" error when pressing power button.
Server always remain with the same error turning it on without the iRMC with the procedure removing power cable , pressing ID button while plugging on the power cable, and press power on button.

Some users are reporting that both the PSUs are OK, it's not sure if the way to go is replacing the SYSTEM BOARD or the POWER BACK PLANE.

Do yoy have already get and fixed this error?
Thanks for any feedback.


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