TX1310 M1 Server 2012 R2 Foundation Localization Problems (Serverview)

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TX1310 M1 Server 2012 R2 Foundation Localization Problems (Serverview)

Postby rsilva » Tue Apr 11, 2017 12:25

Hi, last week had a problem with a server that would freeze at 6% installing updates, when the server was restarted.
The Server was in production at a customers company, tried everything but could not fix it.

I formated the server, used the serverview to reinstall OS, OS did all the updates (took 2 days) installing all the updates). When I took it back to customers company I could not install the domain services role, giving the error 0x80070057.

Again tried everything but the server role would not install, other roles installed sucessfully.

I noticed the server was VERY slow, it was not working normal has it should be but was giving no errors, I even sent the Serverview collector logs to fujitsu helpdesk but no error was found.

After that I brought the server again to have it formatted and reinstalled but this time using the ENGLISH language, not giving any other language during serverview configuration. (Before I used Portuguese language)

The server installed sucessfully, very fast and no errors when i installed the roles.

I guess the problem is caused by the Portuguese language when configuring the serverview.

Best regards

Ricardo Silva

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