Monitoring VMWare Virtual Machines

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Monitoring VMWare Virtual Machines

Postby deactivat0r » Mon Jan 02, 2017 10:23

Hello everyone,

we are using the Operations Manager to monitor our Remote Servers.
Last week some of the physical Servers were migrated to virtual Machines on FTS ESXi Hosts & Eternus Storages. Part of the routine was, to uninstall the Fujitsu Tools because we thought they are no longer necessary because the only relevant Hardware to monitor is the ESXi & Storage hardware itself. But at 1 VM the uninstallation has not been made and now the Machine shows up as "Primergy Virtual Machine". I am trying to add more virtual machines, but i am not able to add them as "primergy virtual machines", they only get recognized as SNMP ready, but unknown devices. The Agents cannot be installed on the Virtual Machines (Error: they are not designed to be installed von virtual machines") But the only thing that differs between my migrated VM and a blank, new one are the installed Agents. According to SVOM Manual the primergy virtual machine should be recognized as Primergy Virtual Machine only by adding the Credentials.

Interesting Fact is, that the already existing "Primergy Virtual Machines" transformed from Primergy RX .... to "Primergy Virtual Machines", i did not add any Credentials to the User/Pwd List.

Can somebody help me to get it work? The Target is, to monitor FileSystem Space on the VMs.
I would really appreciate any Help, i am still new to Monitoring with SVOM.


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