Recovery problem TX1310M1

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Recovery problem TX1310M1

Postby informatech » Wed Dec 14, 2016 16:09

Good evening, I wanted to report a problem I found with the target server. After installing the included operating system through the Fujitsu Dvd support I made the total server backup with Windows Server Backup (System State, Bare Metal and Hard drives). After turning off the server I simulated replace disks (Original 2 Seagate 1TB in Raid 1) and installed and configured 2 new Toshiba 1TB disks in RAID 1. I run the restore of backup from the Windows Server DVD without problems. But when I restarted the server during operating system load, it appears the BSOD with the following 0x0c000021a error. Thinking it was a problem with the Windows Servre Backup, a third-party software I used (Macrium Reflet) to create the image of the server. And I had the same problem after performed the system restore. Has anyone had the same problem? Thank in advance

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Re: Recovery problem TX1310M1

Postby me@work » Wed Dec 14, 2016 16:31

Without asking for the exact flavour of your "included operating system", this is most probably an issue with your OS installation...

Please have a look here:
This can occur if you have restored your hard disk from a backup. Some backup programs might skip restoring system files that they determine are in use.

Backups of active systems (esp. with Antivirus solutions etc.) are generally cumbersome...

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