Clone SBS2011 Standard from Raid5 to single SSD - Please Help

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SBS 2011 Standard

Clone SBS2011 Standard from Raid5 to single SSD - Please Help

Postby Kerk » Fri Nov 04, 2016 19:47


i want to clone the OS (MS SBS2011 Standard) on my Primergy TX1330 M1, currently a Raid5 - 3 SATA-HDD System onto a single SSD. Raid Controller is a SAS 6G 5/6 512MB (D2616).
Later, the Raid5 shall be used to swap the Exchange DBs to and to store other data.

My Plan is to connect the SSD to the Onboard SATA-Controller, use Acronis to make an Image to an USB-HDD and play this back onto the SSD.

Problems, which I am afraid to encounter are:
Will Acronis be able to backup the whole Raid5 or will it see the 3 drives as single ones?

If i can manage the Cloning - how can I get the System to boot regularly from the SSD - there will still be the Drivers and Configuration to boot from the Raid-System. This will not work with the SSD, how can i solve this Problem?

And there might be more Troubles i cannot see yet...

I would be very thankful for every helpful support you could give me.

Sorry, if my english sounds funny, please ask everything which might help to make things clear.

Thanks a lot, Kerk

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Re: Clone SBS2011 Standard from Raid5 to single SSD - Please Help

Postby me@work » Fri Nov 04, 2016 21:45

As to the sole item in your questions that relates to the hardware: You can change boot device order in the machine's BIOS/UEFI setup.

Regarding all other issues, you might be interested to ask in a respective forum, e.g. regarding Acronis at Acronis; regarding Windows in any Windows related forum, etc.pp.

In general, I'd connect the SSD to the onboard controller, and get it recognized in SBS on RAID which will activate any necessary drivers already. Next, boot up the box with a Linux system providing gparted, e.g. System Rescue CD, which will allow to copy/resize all partitions to the SSD. Since your LSI-based RAID controller is widely used, it should get detected by SysRescCD. Otherwise, you would need to add the appropriate drivers manually...
Then, unplug the RAID controller, and "repair" the start environment of your SBS on SSD, using a booted Windows CD. Finally, plug in the RAID controller again, delete the partitions on its VD using SysRescCD/gparted, and boot up again using your SSD-SBS.

Of course, all these steps should ONLY be executed with a proven-to-work-and-be-useful backup available...

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