CPU internal error (IERR) on "Press Power Button"

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CPU internal error (IERR) on "Press Power Button"

Postby jpalo » Mon Mar 14, 2016 7:24

Every 2 weeks or so, I get the following error when server is woken by short press of Power button via IRMC (Press Power Button option). In fact, I'm doing this programmatically by calling IRMC from a router, and basically sending the button press and confirm POST messages over HTTP. Works fine except every now and then.

Code: Select all

Message: 00700 14-Mar-2016 06:39:05 'CPU': CPU internal error (IERR)
 Severity: Critical
 CSS Event: no

System Information
  Server Name : SERVER
  Server Type : PRIMERGY TX150 S7
  SerialNumber: YKHL023869
  BIOS Version: 6.00 Rev. 1.19.2759.A1
  Server O/S  : Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard
  Server IP   :

iRMC S2 Information
  FW Version  : 5.76A (base is V3.10A8P2)
  FW BuildData: Jan  9 2015 - 13:12:33
  SDRR Version: 3.17   ID 0246  TX150S7
  URL(0)      :

a) How would I resolve this error?
b) Can I get the server restart automatically in case of this critical error and workaround the issue?

Thank you!

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Re: CPU internal error (IERR) on "Press Power Button"

Postby me@work » Mon Mar 14, 2016 18:07

Could you please elaborate a little on the issue:
- How often does the operation work flawlessly within these two weeks?
- How do you "call iRMC from a router"?
- How often does the issue occur if you physically press the button instead of "calling iRMC"?
- How does the server get switched off prior to the power-on operation?

According to the iRMC's user guide, there are Power Management operations available remotely like "Immediate Reset", "Power On" etc, but no "Press Power button"...

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Re: CPU internal error (IERR) on "Press Power Button"

Postby jpalo » Wed May 25, 2016 16:03

Oh man, didn't get any notification of your quick reply so thought no-one had any idea of this issue.

Anyway, lately it has started to happen more and more, so several times a day. I'd say that currently 25% of the times there is the error and server does hard reset and starts up fine after that without any intervention (which is the only positive thing here).

With the lack of this power control in the iRMC API, I'm just doing two authenticated HTTP POST calls - the same ones done when you go to iRMC Web page and do "Press Power Button" --> Apply POST followed by the Confirm button POST.

Server is physically unavailable so cannot comment on if and how often this occurs using the button.

Server gets suspended (not real suspend, basically just turns off monitor or some other strange power state as Fujitsu doesn't support S3 or S4 power states) after not being in use for 30 minutes. It is done by the Light-Out add-on for Windows Server Essentials. These CPU errors only occur when waking the server, never when suspending it.

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