Battery Not Present Status [Primergy CX 250 S2]

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Primergy CX 250 S2

Battery Not Present Status [Primergy CX 250 S2]

Postby faris87 » Tue Mar 01, 2016 4:05

Hi all,

Here is my situation when rebooting the server, it displaying this message "the battery is missing or malfunctioning..." "battery status : not present" kindly refer attached picture for details.
This is a new setup node server that purchased from fujitsu.
Does the node server battery come separately with the server?
I've tried disable the error, but it still keep displaying that error when rebooting process.
Any suggestions to solve this problem?

battery not present status.jpg
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Re: Battery Not Present Status [Primergy CX 250 S2]

Postby me@work » Tue Mar 01, 2016 10:26

This message refers to the "battery" backing the 512MB cache of your SAS RAID controller card.

Please check whether such a component is installed (probably). In that case, it's broken perhaps, or "malfunctioning", and disabling the message won't work, since it yells an error to you.

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Re: Battery Not Present Status [Primergy CX 250 S2]

Postby Davie » Tue Mar 01, 2016 10:31

me@work is right - though in my experience it's much more likely that the battery backup just hasn't been ordered as it is an optional extra

Either way, check if you THINK you've ordered the battery backup - and if you haven't just disable the message (or seriously consider buying the backup option!)

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