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primergy tx300 s7

Postby sbapi » Sun Dec 20, 2015 17:16

Hello everybody,
my server is a primergy tx300 s7 and I have 2 disks sas 300 gb 2,5'' 15k hot swap in raid 1. 
The only one at 15k are s26361-l4482-l530 so I think to have this ones.
Now I need more space so I want to buy other 2 or 4 more disks to make one raid 1 or two more raid 1 in my server.
I'd like to buy other two disks 300 gb SAS, but there are two models
s26361-l4482-l130 or s26361-l5247-l130
and I don't understand the difference.
I don't know if it's possible to put also other two SATA disks l100 1tb Raid1
Any body can help me to choose the right spare parts. Thanks in advance

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