Primary RX300S8 Hanging at BIOS

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Primary RX300S8 Hanging at BIOS

Postby mrwrighty » Sun Dec 06, 2015 12:24

Numerous times after updating the server OS and requiring a reboot, the server will hang at the BIOS (BIOS as shipped not updated). The annoying thing is that iRMC is also affected so I cannot access the BIOS remotely to cycle the power again. The other annoying this is it isn't consistent, sometimes the server will reboot fine.

It is odd because the BIOS should be accessible even at power off via iRMC so cannot understand why when it hangs I cannot access it.

The server will sit there indefinitely which is annoying. The only way to fix the issue is to remove both power leads from the back then reboot and hope it comes back up. This is a major issue for me as it means a 60 miles round trip to do this.

Has anyone else experienced the same problem.

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Re: Primary RX300S8 Hanging at BIOS

Postby Davie » Mon Dec 07, 2015 9:53

You almost answered it yourself! It is almost certainly the iRMC that is hanging - which causes the reboot to hang, because the iRMC is responsible for rebooting the server!

The RX300 S8 has an iRMC S4 and early versions of the firmware had a problem that caused it to slow down until it stopped completely.

Removing the power leads causes the iRMC to reboot and so it's OK again for a while until the problem recurs.

All versions of iRMC firmware up to about 7.68F were affected - current is something like 8.05F

Update the iRMC firmware and all should be good

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