Primergy TX140 RAM problem

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Primergy TX140 RAM problem

Postby CndkPifou » Mon Nov 23, 2015 9:29

At school, we meet a problem of RAM emmory module on our Fujitsu Primergy TX140 S1P Server.
One of the twoo 4Go RAM module fail down and we need to install another one.
We tried different kinds of module, but Unsuccessfully because the server emits beep and did'nt boot.
Somebody could advise to us the choise ou such module, 2x4Go or if it's possible 2x8Go ?
Thanks !

-TX140 DataSheet:
Memory slots: 4
Memory slot type: DIMM (DDR3) UDIMM
Memory capacity (min. - max.): 2 GB - 32 GB
Memory protection: ECC
Memory options:
4 GB (1 module(s) 4 GB) DDR3, unbuffered, ECC, 1,600 MHz, PC3-12800, DIMM
8 GB (1 module(s) 8 GB) DDR3, unbuffered, ECC, 1,600 MHz, PC3-12800, DIMM
Memory modules notes: 1600 MHz memory modules

-Original RAM module:
4Go Expert Memory/BP ML E186014 94V-0/chipset 2DM77-D9PF (only one module is working now)

-First test:
8Go HyperX FuryTec DDR3 1600 CL 10 240 UDIMM (don't boot)

-Second test:
8Go Hypertec registered DIMM PC3 10600R (don't boot)

-Third test:
2Go Crucial DIMM DDR3 PC3 10600 UNB (don't boot)

Thanks for helping and sorry for my English !
PF Coutier - Belgique.

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Re: Primergy TX140 RAM problem

Postby me@work » Mon Nov 23, 2015 12:32

Best bet, of course, would be to contact one of your local resale partners, and ask for a genuine original FTS spare part for a HW replacement or even upgrade.

Technically speaking, you might as well try and go for third party modules, but you will need to be prepared for intensive warning messages everywhere, and get this third party's confirmation that the module will actually work in your system.

Did you also try to swap the two modules, to determine whether the cause really is with the module, and not with the mainboard or processor?

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