BX924 IB Mezz Card Firmware

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BX924 IB Mezz Card Firmware

Postby JDiprose » Tue Sep 08, 2015 13:59

Dear Forum,

I have a bunch of BX924S4 blades with dual port FDR Infiniband mezz cards. The cards report as part number A3C40136348, I think S26361-F4534-E1 according to the configurator, and with Mellanox board_id: FJT0DB0100019. Reviewing the firmware levels across the cards shows three different firmware levels: 2.10.5190, 2.11.1250 and 2.30.3000.

I'd like to be at the same level across all the blades. I see from the BX924S4 downloads site there is a package to update the firmware to 2.11.1250. However, there is no package for 2.30.3000. Ideally I'd like to be at 2.32.5100 or 2.33.5100.

How do I go about getting an updated firmware package for this card? At least to 2.30.3000, ideally to 2.32.5100 or 2.33.5100.



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