Fujitsu TX1330 Monitoring

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Fujitsu TX1330 Monitoring

Postby Tomax » Sun Aug 09, 2015 11:40


I run into a big problem to monitor my FTS Server TX1330M1. With Debian Wheezy I installed an OS not fully supported by Fujitsu but running sufficient stable.
But I didn't succeed to get the Fujitsu ServerView Agents working. There are existing Agent Packages in a Fujitsu repository and installing them works fine. But typing in "srvmgt status" is followed by this output (sorry but output is in german):

Code: Select all

Installationsskript f�r ServerView-Agenten Linux v7.00-10
(c) Fujitsu Technology Solutions 2014

Ermitteln Status der ServerView-Agenten Linux...
              Servermodell: PRIMERGY TX1330 M1
Linux-Kernel: 3.2.0-4-amd64 on x86_64, SELinux unbekannt, EDAC disabled, Zielsystem
         ServerView-Module:  not installed
           ServerView eecd: nicht installiert
   ServerView SNMP-Agenten: nicht installiert
   ServerView CIM Provider: nicht installiert
  ServerView System Monitor: nicht installiert
ServerView Remote Connector: nicht installiert
           ServerView Raid: nicht installiert
               SNMP-Dienst: nicht installiert

    ServerView-Modul smbus: vorhanden, geladen, /dev/pci/smbus vorhanden
        Native IPMI-Module: angefordert, geladen, /dev/ipmi0 vorhanden

       SNMP-Daemon (snmpd): l�uft (25558), UDP #161 OK, AgentX-Socket OK SNMP Kommunikation OK
    RAID-Daemon (amDaemon): l�uft (18781), TCP 3173 OK
    ServerView eecd-Daemon: l�uft (26902), /dev/eecd[as] OK
         SVRemoteConnector: keine Programmdatei gefunden.
          ServerView scagt: l�uft (26907), Status OK (1)
         ServerView sc2agt: l�uft (26912), Status OK (1)
         ServerView busagt: l�uft (26916), Status OK (1)
          ServerView hdagt: l�uft (26920), Status OK (1)
        ServerView unixagt: l�uft (26924), Status OK (1)
       ServerView etheragt: l�uft (26928), Status OK (1)
        ServerView biosagt: l�uft (26932), Status OK (1)
       ServerView securagt: l�uft (26936), Status OK (1)
      ServerView statusagt: l�uft (26940), Status OK (1)
         ServerView invagt: l�uft (26944), Status OK (1)
         ServerView thragt: l�uft (26948), Status OK (1)
          ServerView vvagt: l�uft (26953), Status OK (1)
       ServerView hpsimagt: kein solcher Prozess vorhanden.
         ServerView vmeagt: kein solcher Prozess vorhanden.
    ServerView svupdateagt: kein solcher Prozess vorhanden.
          ServerView osagt: kein solcher Prozess vorhanden.
Ermitteln Status vollzogen mit Ergebnis 0 (Status OK).

Using ServerView Plugin for Nagios ends up with following message:

Code: Select all

/ -H localhost -C public .
UNKNOWN Unable to get SNMP SV-Agent information for this host

Is there any change to monitor my TX1330 Server with Debian OS installed?
I'm really greatefull if anybody can give me a hint.


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Re: Fujitsu TX1330 Monitoring

Postby DrBMC » Mon Aug 10, 2015 13:17

Hello Tom,

there is no Debian support from Fujitsu, as I know. But Bytec will have one:

Or you are interested in doing it by your own?

Datasheet are available under ... fse-de.pdf
ServerNerver is still alive
ServerNerver is still alive

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