Replace disks on RAID-1 Volume TX100 S3

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Replace disks on RAID-1 Volume TX100 S3

Postby asb99 » Mon Mar 09, 2015 11:30


I have a TX100 S3p configured using the onboard megaraid with 1x RAID-1 500Gb volume for the system and another 1x RAID-1 500Gb volume for data (4 disks in total).

I need to increase the data volume to 1Tb by replacing the disks. Is there a supported way of doing this using the megaraid interface by swapping the drives and expanding the volume or do I need to start from scratch by creating a new RAID volume and restore the data manually?

Thanks in advance

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Re: Replace disks on RAID-1 Volume TX100 S3

Postby Davie » Mon Mar 09, 2015 11:34

Unfortunately you need to archive the data off and remake the RAID volumes with the new disks

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Re: Replace disks on RAID-1 Volume TX100 S3

Postby gginerc » Tue Mar 10, 2015 13:20

There's no upgrade utility for that server RAID controller. I've read that future servers will implement some kind of live migration utility but no way on your server. A couple of things could be done meanwhile. You can always install a couple more of 1 TB HD, or 500GB if you prefer, and make a new RAID 1 for these new HD. The server have room for two more HD and the controller can handle them with no problem in a new RAID. Then you can create a new share or simulate that you have more space using some OS facilities. Read about DFS for old Windows Systems or 2012 Storage Spaces that will simulate more free space using two different RAID 1.

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