Server Primergy TX1310M1 and Controller D2607 compatibility

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Server Primergy TX1310M1 and Controller D2607 compatibility

Postby Ennesima77 » Fri Dec 19, 2014 9:35

Hi to everyone,
this morning I tryed to setup a Server Primergy TX1310M1 and Controller RAID D2607: it doesn't recognize SAS HDD :idea: :idea:

I take a look on Fujitsu driver update and I find out this article ... &LNID=1574
it's the same problem or not but I try to download MegaCLI tool but I can't find it.

some one can hel me?


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Re: Server Primergy TX1310M1 and Controller D2607 compatibil

Postby me@work » Sat Dec 20, 2014 15:56

Where actually did you look for the tool?

The KB article you mentioned directly explains that you should use the [D2616] controller firmware update download, and leverage the utility MegaCLI on this medium...
If you purposely prefer a native download, you should try LSI's websites.

But OTOH, do you really get the boot message listed in that article? From your initial text ("it's the same problem or not"), I can't deduct that, and comparing the article text and YOUR text, they do not match, IMHO.

How did you connect the SAS drives? Backplane? Cables? Connectors?

The D2607 controller indeed is a SAS controller, and therefore, is able to operate SAS drives. But these SAS drives need to be compatible with the controller (this normally is the case, if the drives were manufactured by FTS for use on that controller), and connected appropriately (i.e. SATA cables do not suffice, proper connector needs to be used, etc.pp.)

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