BIOS firmware update possible ways !

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BIOS firmware update possible ways !

Postby sembii » Wed Nov 19, 2014 4:45

Hi all,

In my environment, server OS not run, server powered on and able to access irmc s2 via web interface. Is there anyway to update the BIOS firmware in my environment? IRMC version is 2 and when I enter irmc via web interface there is no BIOS menu. So I cannot update the bios.


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Re: BIOS firmware update possible ways !

Postby me@work » Wed Nov 19, 2014 11:28

1) There's no need to repeatedly create new posts every day for the same question, just because you did not get an answer to the previous one as soon as you had hoped for.

2) iRMC s2 does not offer an option to update the machine's BIOS. Assuming you're running an RX600s4 (as per your profile) and not an RX200s4 (as per the caption of your previous post), the update needs to be applied by booting a prepared USB stick, that I hope you already downloaded from Fujitsu. This could be done through Remote Storage, if your environment meets the requirements (license, RemStor server, configuration, ...), but I would recommend against it, and to use a stick connected physically to the machine's rear USB ports.

3) In that previous post, you wrote that the issue started right after you replaced CPUs and memory, and that no memory gets detected anymore. Then, why oh why, do you think that it was a BIOS issue? I, personally, would rather think it's an issue with the parts you inserted, or how that job was done...

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