GPL source code for iRMC S4?

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GPL source code for iRMC S4?

Postby hmartin » Tue Sep 14, 2021 21:04

Hello all,

Fujitsu publish a "Third Party Licenses" in the local iRMC S4 management interface which lists all the GPL-licensed software used in iRMC (u-boot, Linux, busybox, etc).

Has anyone requested this and successfully received it from Fujitsu? They're required by the GPL license to provide it upon request.

I emailed in December 2020 requesting the source code, and while an engineer from Fujitsu did eventually reply, they still have not provided the source code.

I am curious if anyone else has received the source code for iRMC S4 and how long it took Fujitsu to fulfill your request.


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