Can't hear audio cd

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Can't hear audio cd

Postby » Tue Mar 26, 2002 13:16

I have a Scenic eT with AC 97 soundcard (integrated in motherboard). The problem is, im not able to hear the music from CD's. It plays, but no sound. please help!!

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Re: Can't hear audio cd

Postby Data » Tue Mar 26, 2002 13:56

Hi Nickemo,<P>First thing you should do is to check if there is an audio cable connected from th CD-drive towards the sound card.<BR>Audio cd's are played via the direct audio signal output on the back of the cd-player.<P>Regards,<BR>Data.<BR>

Re: Can't hear audio cd

Postby » Tue Mar 26, 2002 14:18

[QUOTE]Originally posted by Data:<BR>[B]Hi Nickemo,<P>There is no cable connected. The soundcard is integrated. not PCI


Re: Can't hear audio cd

Postby Binary » Tue Mar 26, 2002 14:53

The principle still holds: there should be a cable running from the back of your CD-player to the connector on the motherboard that is reserved for this purpose. Please read your motherboard manual to identify this connector. There are usually two or three clustered to accomodate more that one connector. Anyway, the fact that there is apparantky no cable explains the lack of sound. Get a cable, connect it and you should have sound.

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