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Ergopro BIOS

Postby » Sun Mar 10, 2002 0:57

I have a old ERGOPRO Computer with a Pentium 100 MHz.<P>My problem is, that when I star ta computer it stops for a long perod of time, and finaly say:<P>"BIOS(61): Hard disk controller error, status = 20H"<P>Could anyone tell me what taht means?<BR>Do I need to bug a new mainboard?<P>Pleas I realy need help!<P>Thanks in advance.<P>/Daniel

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Re: Ergopro BIOS

Postby Data » Mon Mar 11, 2002 10:15

Hi Daniel.<P>First I would suggest to try another harddisk.<BR>This error message could mean that the hard disk isn't accessible.<P>Regards.<BR>Data.<BR>

Re: Ergopro BIOS

Postby » Mon Mar 11, 2002 19:27

Hi Data.<P>i tried to change HDD, but with no result, I also tried putting the first HDD in another computer and it worked fine.<P>So i think the problem i actualy with te IDE contreoller.<BR>

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