My Fijutsu c786 died..

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My Fijutsu c786 died..

Postby » Wed Aug 22, 2001 12:50

I have an aproximately 2 years old computer packet which contains a 17" Fujitsu c786 monitor.<P>Today I was using it normally when it suddenly diminished its picture to a size of a letter, sides curved inside. It stayed like this for a couple of seconds after which the monitor shut itself down and started to blink that orange light in a way that ressembes the way it blinks when it is not receiving signal, but I now hear two clicks every time the light blinks instead of one. The blinking stops when I turn of the monitor but starts again when the monitor is turned on.<P>My monitor has also previously acted quite weird as it has made a weird noise when used on some resolutions such as 800*600 and 640*480. This tends to start after the monitor has been on for several hours. Because I don't use those resolutions so often I have just ignored this problem but now the problem is a bit more severe because I can't see a thing on my screen.<P>I tried the monitor with an other computer and my own computer with an another monitor and my computer works fine but the monitor doesn't display anything thus it seemingly is not on as the orange light indicates even tho there is certainly a signal input unless the cord itself is broken. Anyway I can't be sure but I think that the blinking is a bit different from the "no signal" blink. Maybe a little faster even.<P>I tried calling the support but ended up queuing for 5 minutes and hang up.. They probably are "working hard"..<P>Has anyone else had problems like this and how did you bypass them? Is there some way I could get this thing repaired 'cause I think there was only a one-year warranty which is long gone by now. I live in the capital of Finland, Helsinki.<P>Please answer if you have had similiar problems with your monitors and suggestions how to proceed further. I'll try to call the support but i doubt they will answer to me this time either =)<P>- Antti

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Re: My Fijutsu c786 died..

Postby Data » Thu Aug 23, 2001 8:13

This sounds like a defective monitor.<BR>The only thing you can try is to let it repair by a certified service partner of Fujitsu Siemens Computers or buy another.<P><BR>Regards,<BR>Data.<P>

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