TFT 382V FA PowerSupply

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TFT 382V FA PowerSupply

Postby root2 » Fri Dec 09, 2005 9:39

Hello all.<P>I recently got a second-hand 15" TFT monitor (382V FA) for free, but it lacks the appropriate PowerSupply. From the back of the monitor i only got these details: 12V DC, 3A. <BR>Is is possible to use another PowerSupply that fits the mentioned specs (even if this means to change the connector built into the monitor)? As i got this hardware for no cost, i don't want to give lots of money just for a powersupply (even if i could find the right one at ebay e.g.)<P>Also i'd be thankful if anyone can supply me with information about the polarity of the built in powersupply-jack (maybe with a operating manual) as i don't want to fry the monitor because of mixing up the poles.<P>Thank you and have a nice day.<P>root2<p>[This message has been edited by root2 (edited 09 December 2005).]

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