ScaleoP~Boot up problem

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ScaleoP~Boot up problem

Postby artfulshrimper » Sun Dec 04, 2005 9:57

Scaleo P 3.4 Ghz<BR>XP<BR>--<P>Hi all,<BR> I am having problems with my computer since a crash I had to re-install windows. However now on boot up it takes ages.<BR>the Windows Xp loading screen takes about one and a half minutes.<BR>The screen then goes black for about ten seconds.<BR>Windows then loads.<P>I have heard that this is because the comupter is searching for networks? but no-one has told me how to disable this.<BR>I have a USB DSL which I am happy with.<P>I have tried all other avenues from clean/defrag/start up items etc<P>Please help?<P>many thanks.<P>AS

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