Noise instead of proper TV sound

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Noise instead of proper TV sound

Postby orbus » Fri Dec 02, 2005 10:18

Hi folks!<P>I would like to record tv programs to my Scaleo P's hard disk with Cyberlink Power Movie, so I inserted the cable antenna of the tv into the TV Ant input. What I get is rather good picture with very inconsistent, noisy sound. Some channels' sound is pretty good, but then most of them have only noise. I tweaked all that was tweakable in Cyberlink (what a poor interface, really) and now I have run out of ideas. I have a suspicion that the capture device is interfering somewhere with the sound device, but that's an inexpert's thought anyway. Could somebody help me, please? Maybe you can suggest a more skilful program instead of Cyberlink, too?<P>Thanks in advance. <P>Simon <BR>

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