NEC 1100A DVD-RW not shown

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BLM Delpeut

NEC 1100A DVD-RW not shown

Postby BLM Delpeut » Thu Dec 01, 2005 11:46

My Scaleo has a NEC DVD-RW drive which is nolonger shown in My Computer.<BR>In Configuration/Hardware/Add new hardware the drive is shown with a red cross.<BR>Folowing the wizard Add new hardware I get the message, Windows cannot switch on errorcode 22.<BR>The drive placed in another computer operates correctly, the CD-RW drive from this older computer placed in the scaleo operates correctly.<BR>Download and installation of NEC firmware does'nt help.<BR>I like to learn to solve this problem.<BR>Who can help? Thanks.<BR>B Delpeut<BR>

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