hinge problem on an amilo 1424

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hinge problem on an amilo 1424

Postby foucher » Sun Oct 16, 2005 23:00

i have the same problème on the left hinge of this notebook,two cracks appeared on the left hinge and the right one is ok.<BR>and now there are two craks on each inferiors corners of keyboad. i have bauht my note books on march 2005<BR>The first craks are appeared on july.<BR>And the battery of my notebooks finish by G1L1 and must be changed. that makes a lot of things for a same notebooks. I am very desappointed<P>i take care of my notebook (quality case), never shocked it. open and close gently...<BR>It's not a display model.<BR> <BR> have others persons this kind of problem with this model Amilo M1424?<P>thank you.<P>

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