Totally dead Scaleo 600

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Totally dead Scaleo 600

Postby Dernoth » Fri Oct 14, 2005 21:24

Last night while sitting in front of the computer, it just shut down and gave up. There was no life whatsoever. Even the little diode in the front panel was black.<P>I tried changing powercord, but that had no effect. Then I thought, I might have blown the powersupply, so I replaced that. Now I get 1 sec of life, it makes a quiet rattle and the keyboard lights up, then it dies.<P>My next thought was the CPU, so I disconnected the CPU-fan, and found a thick layer of dust on top of the CPU, rendering the fan very ineffecient if not useless.<P>MY question is: Does a blown CPU fit the symptoms? Is it really true that the entire system is so dependant on that one part, that it totally seizes to work? I don't even get fan-activity.<P>I would feel sorta stupid spending a lot of money on a new P4 CPU, if it turns out it's really the motherboard that went to computer-heaven.<P>Thanks in advance<P>Henrik

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