BIOS D1217-B10-GS1

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BIOS D1217-B10-GS1

Postby Sciatto » Tue Sep 27, 2005 9:04

HELP ME!!!<BR>PC SCALEO PIII 933 Chipset Intel 815<BR>I've updated my old bios with a new(V4.06.R1.12.1217).Downloaded from this site.<BR>Now the Bios doesn't see CDROM&CDRW and <BR>the boot spend about 2 minutes first that WXP start.<BR>Label on the MB = D1217-B10-GS1<BR>I haven't anymore of the old BIOS only documentation where i read <BR>this numeber:A26361-D900-Z406-16-7219.<P>

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