Problems with 2nd OS on Scaleo P

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Problems with 2nd OS on Scaleo P

Postby GoldenEagle69 » Sat Sep 17, 2005 21:39

I have just purchased a Scaleo P from PC City in Valencia, Spain. When I brought the unit it obviously came with the OS installed in Spanish (XP Home). I asked if it would be okay for me to put a second copy of the OS on in English (XP Pro), and was told that this would be fine.<P>I got the machine home, let it boot up on XP Home and everything was fine. I then rebooted the system using my XP Pro disk. All the files were copied to the D: drive and the system rebooted. It started to do the install but kept freezing just before the point where it loads the Device Drivers.<P>Having tried this 30+ times I took the system back and showed the Help Desk the problem. They agreed that this was a fault and gave me a new system. I took this home and tried again. But I am now getting exactly the same problem. I have tried the XP Pro CD on a different system and it works perfectly. What am I doing wrong? The XP Home installation in Spanish works perfectly and all tests run on the system come back clean. Is there soemthing running that stops you loading a second OS? If so it would be nice if PC City were told about it.<P>Please help.

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