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DVD Burner Help

Postby mick13bass » Wed Aug 24, 2005 16:16

Hi all<P>I bought a new Fujitsu Siemens base station this year with a DVD burner, I have tried to copy a few DVDs using Nero and also useing Pinnacle Studio 9, have tried to put all of my old family Cam Corder Video onto DVD, the problem is that although both seem successfull when I check the disk there appears to be nothing on them? The DVD burner does CDs ok but not DVDs, am I using the wrong type of discs they are DVD+RW? I know there are different DVD formats but which is correct?<P>Thanks in advance<P>Mick


Re: DVD Burner Help

Postby jnnw » Sat Aug 27, 2005 22:00

Hi Im really no expert of dvd-buring but i had the same propblem. Are you trying to copy the data from the cam corder straight onto the DVD-RW?. If you are try saving the Videos pic. etc to your computer first. Hope this solves your problem! Image<P>Regards<P>Jason

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