processor update scaleo 600 2,66ghz

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processor update scaleo 600 2,66ghz

Postby doris » Wed Jun 08, 2005 14:20

Hello, <BR>I'd like to update my processor so it supports Hyperthreating. Does this board and bios (Gigabyte ga-8stxc + bios F9)support a higher frequency and hyperthreating ?<BR>It might give me some extra performance<BR>I hope somebody has tried this.<BR>Greatings, Doris


Re: processor update scaleo 600 2,66ghz

Postby poley » Sat Sep 17, 2005 21:32

I'd very much like to do the same with mine...<P>I've downloaded the gigabyte easytune v4 software from gigabyte's site and that at least lets you alter the system bus setting, which in all honest is all we could do anyway as everything else is locked on P4's...<P>What I really want to do is enable hyper-threading because I know the cpu's support it and there is a driver update on gigabtye's site for very similiar motherboards to enable it....but nothing on here....<P>its a shame really because hyper-threading could make a big impact on system performance..<P>Personally I've installed watercooling on my pc, overclocked the cpu (2.8Ghz to 3Ghz), added more RAM, added another Hard Drive, new graphics card, new wireless card, new power supply, new DVD drive (one in there bust... :-( ) ...<P>so yeah, anyway to enable hyper-threading?? please...<P>[edit]just so everyone is aware, the option to enable hyper-threading isn't in the bios and I have the most recent version installed, which is the one released on the 12/08/2003 I believe and which is available to download.[/edit]<p>[This message has been edited by poley (edited 17 September 2005).]

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