Booting problem with new HD

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Booting problem with new HD

Postby » Wed Aug 15, 2001 9:39

I have a Scaleo with main board CW35-L Rv. C2 and updated Bios dated CW35-L-09-05-01.<BR>Master HD on IDE1 is 20 GB and the HD on IDE2 is 40 GB and also configured as a Master. Both of the HDs are of type Samsung.<P>When I try to start the PC, everything is reported found as I have configured, but the PC stops the booting after this line comes up:<P>Verifying DMI Pool Data......<P>and I'm told to press any key to reboot.<P>I have tried several setups of cable and master/slave combination but the same thing has happened.<P>What is the safe way to install a new HD? Is it possible that I have it wrong from the beginning?<P>Can anybody please help me? Thanks!<P>

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