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Conditions of Use for the Fujitsu Forum

1. The Fujitsu Forum is provided by Fujitsu Technology Solutions GmbH free-of-charge and on a non-binding basis without any legal obligations for maintaining operation. Fujitsu is entitled at any time to exclude individual members from the Fujitsu Forum and/or to discontinue the Fujitsu Forum without prior notice.

2. The Fujitsu Forum is a service provided within the context of the Internet service offered by Fujitsu Technology Solutions GmbH. The Fujitsu Forum is intended to provide Fujitsu customers with an opportunity for discussion. It is a platform for users to help other users and provides them with an opportunity to communicate in text form and so to learn from each other. The Fujitsu Forum is made available to members under the supervision of a moderator appointed by Fujitsu ("moderated chat forum"). The forum is available in German and English only. Fujitsu reserves the right to remove from the forum any illegal or undesirable content after it comes to the attention of Fujitsu at any time and without consulting the member who posted this content.

3. You are obliged to treat the concerns of other members with respect and not to infringe their rights or the rights of third parties. This means that your contributions to the Fujitsu Forum may not contravene legal provisions. In particular, you must respect existing copyright and intellectual property rights of third parties, as well as provisions under criminal law. Your are therefore also obliged not to make any injurious, libelous, insulting, threatening, inciting, obscene, racist or other statements relevant under criminal law. If you are permitted to use the intellectual property rights of third parties, you must retain and respect all existing references to the property rights in unaltered form. When you disseminate data / content in the Fujitsu Forum you guarantee that you have the right to use the content embodied in the data.

4. Fujitsu offers no guarantee as to the correctness and completeness of the contributions of other members of the Fujitsu Forum. Responsibility for the content of external pages to which links are made by the members of the Fujitsu Forum lies solely with the relevant page owner.

5. In addition, the Fujitsu Forum may not be used to provide instructions for illegal activities, e.g. bypassing copy protection, hacking, warez, cracks or illegal downloads. Likewise, the naming or communication of links to third party websites containing information of this kind or other information that could destroy data or systems is strictly prohibited. This also includes websites that offer Trojans, viruses or worms.

6. When you submit data / content to the Fujitsu Forum, you give Fujitsu the right to distribute this data to other members of the Fujitsu Forum without restriction in terms of location or time, as well as the right to alter, publish, translate or store the content and to use it for advertising purposes.

7. The person submitting data and information offers an assurance that this is his own intellectual property in terms of copyright. If the publication of submitted content results in an infringement of copyright, the person who submitted the content will have unlimited liability. The same applies to any pictorial material submitted.

8. By sending messages on or through the website, you automatically give Fujitsu free, irrevocable and non-exclusive permission to use, reproduce, alter, publish, edit, translate, distribute, publish and present the message either alone or as part of other work in any form, on any medium and using any technology, even if this is only developed at a later stage. You also give Fujitsu the right to pass on these rights to third parties.

9. No commercial advertising of any kind is permitted in the Fujitsu Forum. It is permissible to specify product names, manufacturers, service providers and websites, provided that the primary purpose is not advertising.

10. There shall be no entitlement to the publication of submitted comments, texts, concepts, ideas, manuscripts and reports at any time. There is no entitlement to a fee for comments, texts, concepts, ideas, manuscripts or reports submitted to the Fujitsu Forum or for their implementation or use.

11. Fujitsu accepts no liability for damages caused by members or third parties while using the Fujitsu Forum, in particular damage to hardware and software, loss of data, etc. resulting from recommendations by members of the forum. Fujitsu shall only be liable for its own errors in cases of malicious intent or gross negligence on the part of Fujitsu Technology Solutions GmbH.

12. Further, Fujitsu also accepts no liability for damage caused by unforeseen events for which Fujitsu is not responsible, in particular network collapses, faults in telecommunications or computer failures.

13. Fujitsu reserves the right to check the data exchanged between members. However, Fujitsu is not obliged to check the legality of the data exchanged. In particular, failure to object to illegal contributions does not mean that Fujitsu waives any of its entitlements arising from such a case.

14. Solely German material law is applicable. If one of the provisions above is ineffective, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. The ineffective provision shall be replaced with a valid one that reflects the original provision as closely as possible.

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