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by Oracleman
Sun Nov 25, 2018 12:17
Topic: Issues with esprimo P910-L
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Issues with esprimo P910-L

Hi I have an anoying issue: I usually, when go to bed, cut the electricity on the pc. Then on the morning I enable the electricity on the pc and then the pc starts itself only for a few seconds and then shutdowns again. ¿Why can cause the issue? Also (and I suspect this could be related) I installed...
by Oracleman
Mon Aug 13, 2018 13:06
Forum: PC
Topic: Esprimo 910 starts automatically when plugged
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Esprimo 910 starts automatically when plugged

Hi, First of all sorry for my poor English. I have an issue with my esprimo 910. When I plug the Pc It starts automatically. After a few seconds it shutdown. I have to wait until it shutdowns to press the button again to start the Pc. I checked the bios but I can't figure which is the option to disa...

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