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by greekstalion
Mon Oct 20, 2008 20:03
Forum: General topics
Topic: Complains department for FJ
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Complains department for FJ

Does anyone know how to contact FJ complains department by email. They must have so many complains that they have blocked users of contacting them by email to sortout the quicker. I have send my laptop M3438g for a overheating repair and bent case. It returned back with fix "Clean fan , tested ...
by greekstalion
Tue Sep 18, 2007 10:09
Forum: AMILO Notebook
Topic: [Amilo M] M3438g and windows vista
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Memory upgrade

Hi I had the same problem with the fan and also after I have installed Office 2007 and run all the upgrades my sound card just gone. After I changed to XP it worked fine. Can you tell me what type of memory you used to ugrade to 2GB or you got the laptop with 2 GB. I am looking to upgrade and can no...
by greekstalion
Fri Feb 03, 2006 20:52
Forum: AMILO Notebook
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I have read the forum about the laggin problem and I thought, "what they talking about?. I had my laptop for 2-3 months and no problems. One person said he was playing mp3s and found no problem. There are no details of how you can actualy re-create the problem. I dont have the games that are me...
by greekstalion
Sat Nov 19, 2005 21:29
Forum: Notebooks (archive)
Topic: M3438G questions
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Re: M3438G questions

Hi<P>I just got my new Amilo 3438G. The remote need to look the bottom left front part of the base unit and to start it u need to press the button with the "music" symbol.<BR>To sellect from the menu press the "OK" button. It will read your DVD and then u navigate to where u want.

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