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by Benjaminlb
Wed Jan 09, 2013 14:57
Forum: AMILO Notebook
Topic: Amilo Pi 1536 CMOS BIOS Phoenix Setup
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Amilo Pi 1536 CMOS BIOS Phoenix Setup

Hi all. Can someone please send me the screenshots of the screens "Main" and "Advanced" configuration Phoenix BIOS CMOS Amilo Pi 1536 with a P53IA0 (37GP53000-C0 PCB M/B REV C0 ) motherboard , no matter bios version, memory size or CPU, but if it could be better with version 1.25...
by Benjaminlb
Mon Jan 07, 2013 20:49
Forum: Older products
Topic: Amilo Pi 1536 Mother board
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Amilo Pi 1536 Mother board

English language: Hi all. I bought a used motherboard P53AI0 to repair my laptop Amilo Pi1536, the number that is printed is 37GP53000-C0 PCB M / B REV C BD P53 and socket modules SO-DIMM puts 82GP53000-C0F (like all the disused mine), but with BIOS version 1.07, I tried to update the BIOS with the ...

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