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by bond007
Mon Apr 13, 2009 18:46
Topic: Connect a Sony DVD recorder to Scaleo E
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Connect a Sony DVD recorder to Scaleo E

Anyone help me here? I have a Sony DVD HDD Recorder on which the DVD drive has packed up (normal Sony!) and cannot be replaced without great expense. I also have a Scaleo E and quite different from many of the postings on this forum, appears to be working pretty well. :D What I want to do is to conn...
by bond007
Wed Apr 01, 2009 15:10
Topic: Installation Help
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Re: Installation Help - Big disk works for me

I bought a 1TB SATA disk (Maxtor diamondmax 2) from Novatech (great service and best price!). Made sure jumper was set (as supplied) to 1.5 GB speed. Instaled as is. Yes and of course, the device wasn't detected! Went into BIOS (press F2) after re boot. then selected autodetect and saved. It could s...
by bond007
Wed Apr 01, 2009 14:30
Topic: Sound
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Re: Sound

Before you download the driver suggested, try this. It worked for me. Overcame sound problem on rear panel by going to Control Panel, Sound options where I found playback option was set to SPDIF, rather than line out. Selecting line and making this the default, then playback through phono outputs wo...

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