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by Jonas
Wed Nov 19, 2008 13:05
Forum: Archive
Topic: RX100S4 with Adaptec 3405 and VMWare ESXi
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RX100S4 with Adaptec 3405 and VMWare ESXi


Is anyone using the Adaptec 3405 RAID controller with RX100S4? If so, have you connected the diodes?

I need to see the status of the physical disks in VMware ESXi, anyone know how?

Thanks in advance,
by Jonas
Wed Nov 12, 2008 9:41
Forum: Server Products
Topic: [RX100 S4] VMware ESXi
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[RX100 S4] VMware ESXi

Hello, 1) I see on that they've "Added support for Intel ICH‐7 SATA controller. See “Intel Storage IO Devices,” on page 19.". I have a RX100S4 with the S-ATA-RAID-controller (ICH7-R). Does this mean this server is now supported? 2) I'm going to t...

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