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by nbrdja
Sun Aug 08, 2010 17:13
Forum: ESPRIMO Mobile
Topic: [V5545] Camera?
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Re: [V5545] Camera?

I initially had the same problem as described above, but ... after a while I found that when fingers squeeze the screen next to the camera it to appear. in my case it is a "cold welding" (bad soldering or somthing like that) camera working after that but i have too much problems with this ...
by nbrdja
Thu Oct 02, 2008 23:30
Forum: ESPRIMO Mobile
Topic: [V5545] LCD or VGA failed in work.
Replies: 24
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Re: [V5545] LCD or VGA failed in work.

I have LCD problem from the beginning, same as you describe in this topic. When i install new OS without INTEL drivers, this "fireing LCD" never hapend again. I sure that is not hardware problem.
by nbrdja
Wed Sep 03, 2008 16:29
Forum: ESPRIMO Mobile
Topic: Virtualization
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Re: Virtualization

i have same problem with Hyper-V on same model V5545.
Anyone knows something about this, please?
Same thing... i have no option in BIOS to turn it on.

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