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by JonC
Sun Oct 11, 2009 22:55
Forum: Other products
Topic: P5GD1-FMS + 4GB RAM
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Hello, I've recently upgraded the RAM in the my P5GD1-FM from the standard 1024gb to 3 * 1gb sticks, the BIOS and O/S (WIN XP x64) sees all the available RAM, so I put in the spare DIMM slot one of the 512mb sticks. On booting the PC, the BIOS shows 3200mb of memory and the O/S sees 3.12gb, CPU-Z sh...
by JonC
Sun Mar 04, 2007 23:27
Forum: General topics
Topic: GA8I848PM + SATA + RAID
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Hello All, I have recently purchased a Silicon Image SiL3112a 2 port SATA Raid PCI card and a additional 250gb SATA drive (WD2500JD) with a view to setting up a Raid1 set. I installed the PCI Raid card along with the lastest set of drivers and BIOS from the Silicon site and my existing XP installati...

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