Adding 'Line Out' to Rear of Scaleo E


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Adding 'Line Out' to Rear of Scaleo E

Postby andrewaaa5 » Sun Dec 21, 2008 13:46

I am about to acquire a Fujitsu Siemens Scaleo E media centre, and I want to hook it up to some 'active' speakers using the 'Line In' of the speakers.

I can see that the Audio 'Line Out' on the Scaleo E is at the front on the machine, and not at the back, which spoils my plans. It would mean having unsightly wires, and the flip down door always open I'd prefer to have all the cabling at the back.

The Scaleo E has half size (slim?) PCI slots, so I am thinking if I can add an extra sound card there. Does anyone know of any sound cards that may be suitable?

Otherwise there is one spare USB, a spare FireWire and also a Digital Audio out, but I would not know how to rig any of those up to the 'Line In' of the speakers. Is there any advise on which ways I can go forward? Did not want to break the bank, maybe looking for spend anything from £15 to £70 on getting something that hooks up to the 'Line In' on my speakers.

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