Cross Upgrade Q700 - TS-219


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Cross Upgrade Q700 - TS-219

Postby HarPa » Thu Jan 06, 2011 16:43

How to cross upgrade Fujitsu Celvin Q700 with QNAR TS-219 firmware

First of all you will need the followings files.
1. QNAP Finder or Fujitsu Finder
2. Fujitsu Q700 Firmware 3.2.4 - 0319T
3. QNAP TS-219 Firmware 3.2.3 Build0212
4. QNAP TS-219 Firmware latest (At this time 3.3.8 Build1217

You will find the above files at these URL's. ... loads.html

1. Downgrade your Q700 to 3.2.4 firmware preferred with the use of one of the above finders.
2. Copy the QNAP firmware 3.2.4 named to the Public Folder of your Q700.
3. Use ssh to login to server. (Mac Users: Use Terminal and type ssh addressofnas@admin and enter then asks you for password by default on Q700 is admin.)
Help for Windows Users is welcome.
4. Type the following commands
    mv /share/Public/ /mnt/HDA_ROOT/update/
    ln -sf /mnt/HDA_ROOT/update /mnt/update
    /etc/init.d/ /mnt/HDA_ROOT/update/

5. After a while and if everything went fine you will see in one of the Finders your Q700 stated as TS-219 with firmware 3.2.3Build0212
6. Update your firmware again with one of the finders with the latest firmware of QNAP.

All done.

Special thanks for the inspiration to Adrian ... alisieren/
All the work is by him I just found that the procedure does not work with newer firmwares.
I assume that the procedure is reversible. But I haven't tried yet.

Good cross-upgrades

Thanks Fujitsu forum for hospitality

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