AP500-RP firmware help


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AP500-RP firmware help

Postby chigo58 » Thu Nov 27, 2008 15:27


I have an old router which seems to have crashed and I cannot upgrade the firmware with the latest one for the model from FSC website.
When I load up the firmware upgrade program (AR500RE_V240.exe) it tells me " crash"
When i click upgrade it tells me "Incorrect upgrade file. Please check again !"

I have tried to "tftp -i put ar500re_240.bin" and it uploads but then times out. Reboot the router and the M1 light flashes twice every few seconds. Router web interface + DHCP fails to work. I then do a reset from the reset button and router resets back to a continuous flashing M1 LED and I can ping

Can someone please help me save the functionality of this router? Please help as i not wish to throw router away.


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