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Kein signal über DVI und Scart, nur über VGA

Posted: Thu Sep 13, 2007 22:57
by MK44

I purchased a new Activy 530 DVB-T from Germany, it worked OK for 3 days connected with Scart cable to a tv.
After that I connected it to my projector on the DVI output, and then the problems started.
I did not get any signal over the DVI and the signal over Scart also disappeared. The TV sound works on Scart and also the loop-thru from an X-box connected to the Aux Scart.
The VGA connector still works normal.
Have tested to reboot in all possible ways and also re-installed the same software again and also the factory image were all setups are lost, but still the same problem.
I know that only one output can be used at the same time. It has been completely powered down and restarted when shifting output.

I’m suspecting it can be a hardware problem with the graphic-card.

Have any one else experience like this? Or any solution?

Peter Lindström